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Why I created Claire Lacey Massage Therapies

“I have always had a passion for helping others and I’ve definitely found my path in Holistic Therapies like Massage and Reflexology. Mental and physical health is very important to me. I believe a Holistic Approach to healthcare and to life could help people to achieve positive health and wellbeing for themselves. This is the main reason I opened Claire Lacey Massage Therapies”

Claire’s passion for massage and reflexology is evident in the care and detail she puts into each tailor-made treatment. Claire believes everyone should get 100% of her attention and energy when a client visits. She blends her passion for anatomy and the body with experience and intuition.

How to book

Bookings are made through Fresha. You can now book online via BOOK NOW links in Treatment list page or Book with Claire above. You can also book your appointment directly by WhatsApp or email, if online is not your thing. You’ll find details in contact page. Any issues don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A Holistic Approach to Massage Therapy and Reflexology

A Holistic Approach means treating, observing, and taking into account all aspects of the person. This includes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and integral biology (Social, economic & environmental factors that may affect health and wellbeing). Using a health consultation form & discussion the information gathered can be used to tailor the treatment to the individual’s needs.

 Everyone should have access to Massage and Reflexology for overall mental and physical health. This is why Claire offers her treatments to community groups and organisations at a reduced rate.

Claire also works with the corporate sector, offering massage to staff to improve wellbeing & staff moral in busy companies. For more information on my group sessions, community work or corporate work get in touch via email


Christmas Themed paper Vouchers available, get in touch if you like to give a physical gift this year! contact Claire.

Online digital vouchers on fresha available and can be emailed to your giftee. Buy Digital Voucher online here

Full Member of IRIL & IMTA

Claire is a member of both Irish Massage Therapist Association & Irish Reflexologist Institute. Clients who have health insurance with VHI, Irish Life Health or Laya Health Care, can avail of rebates for treatments with Claire, based on their policy. It takes away the pressure for people and emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself.

Laya healthcare
VHI healthcare

Our Location at Flora Wisdom Room

Flora Wisdom Room, is home to Claire Lacey Massage Therapies & Anne’s Flora Wisdom Herbal Medicine practice. A snug escape nestled at the edge of Coolgreany Village, Co Wexford. A labor of love, that we transformed from a very old shed into a beautiful, cosy & rustic space to be enjoyed by our clients. We continue to update our room to make it as welcoming as possible. 

Our clients often say that they feel relaxation wash over them as they turn down our lane to the treatment room. Trees, flowers, birdsong create a feeling of ease in those who visit. The room itself is known for the beautiful stained-glass window, the thick cottage walls, the warmth, music and smell of essential oils.


“Claire is a fantastic massage therapist and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.  Her treatment room is a lovely, relaxing space and her attention to detail and professionalism really add to the whole experience.  Very relaxing treatment, looking forward to my next visit!”  Helen

“I would highly recommend Claire Lacey for reflexology, she has a fabulous calm space and made me feel at ease immediately on my first session. She has a wonderful listening ear and a lovely relaxing technique with the reflexology treatments.  I have been attending regularly for a year now and will continue to do so!” Sara 


This will depend on what you are seeking a treatment for.

  • Do you have an old injury or muscular pain? My range of massage technique’s could be helpful when dealing with muscular tension or scar tissue. My Signature Shoulder Balance Massage might be a good fit too.
  • Are you stressed or anxious? Perhaps reflexology or a relaxing Swedish-style massage would be the choice.
  • Do you wish to address a particular condition for example ( sleep issues or digestive issues). Reflexology is thought to induce deep relaxation and help improve sleep and be very beneficial for digestive issues and much more!
  • You can read about the treatments here.

Otherwise to enquire further see Contact Page

Thank you for your interest.

  •  You can book a treatment with me by calling or texting on 0834317470
  • Email to book
  • You can also reach me on Instagram @clairelaceymassagetherapies but please note, I do not except bookings through social media.

You can park on the main street, there are no charges for parking.

Please note: Our parking space around the back near the treatment room is reserved for personal use.

Once the treatment is completed you’ll  be given time to relax & dress. I  will usually give any feedback or home care advice to you then. 

We can also discuss a treatment plan, where needed.

At the moment I have two payment options:

  • Pay cash on the day either before or after the treatment, whichever suits.
  • Pay in advance through internet banking
  • I can take Revolut Payment

If you are a return customer and you have paid through IBAN before, you can pay via internet banking after you’re treatment.

This will depend on why you have come for treatment.

  • For Therapeutic reasons in massage terms for pain management, old injury or mobility issues a course of 4 -6 treatments may be advised. In this case I do offer a reduced rate for packages.
  • For reflexology treatment plans are individual, most require from 2 -4 treatments to see lasting results. 
  • For skincare(facials) it will depend on skin concerns and severity at least two sessions may be recommended
  • You could just be looking for relaxation and “me time”, in that case come for treatment as much or as little as you feel you need.

With any treatment, results can be improved  and enhanced by following homecare advice such as  hot/cold compression, stretching or movement & habit changes

  • Reflexology is working predominantly with the feet and lower legs, sometimes the hands. Therefore, you can remain fully clothed with loose trousers that can be rolled up.
  • For massage it will depend on which sections of the body you wish to have worked on. You will always have a covering over the body and your comfort and modesty will be protected at all times. This is a safe space.
  • The short answer is no.
  • If the body is feeling tender or stiff, massage can feel a little uncomfortable but this is why communication from you is important. The pressure and pace of the massage is in your control.
  • I believe if massage is done to cause pain, it is doing a disservice to the client by disrupting and putting more stress on the nervous system. Therefore my method is to slowly and gradually increase pressure .
  • In Deep tissue massage and trigger point work, some discomfort or pain is expected but the end goal is for there to be less pain in the body.
  • Reflexology is different from massage, it doesn’t hurt but you may feel a tender point when a certain area is pressed. It’s more likely that you will feel deeply relaxed.
  • We are following all current government guidelines for COVID-19. 
  • Masks are not required when visiting for treatment 
  • Flora Wisdom Room in which I offer my treatments, is cleaned & disinfected daily
Claire Lacey Massage Therapies
Treatments at CLMT

Opening Hours

Tuesdays in Office – 9-5pm for Bookings & Inquires


Wednesdays – 9:30am to 7pm 

Thursdays – 11am to 9pm

Fridays- 9:30am to 5pm

Saturdays -10am to 4pm

**Subject to change

Closed Sundays & Mondays
Wisteria Lane
Flora Wisdom Room
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