Hormonal Health

Reflexology for Hormonal Health

Claire is passionate about hormonal health, learning & passing on that knowledge to her clients. Our endocrine system(hormones) are important for all aspects of our physical & mental health.  Reflexology can be a useful tool and therapy throughout our lives and can offer support and balance to our bodies including out endocrine system. Our hormones are important for many functions of our body including sleep, metabolism, energy, menstrual cycle and reproduction to name a few.

It can be especially useful in optimising fertility and supporting men and women with fertility issues. We can also use reflexology to help with pregnancy related symptoms, for menstrual  cycle support and with mood or energy complaints in men and women.

Hormonal Health

  • Ease Menstrual cycle symptoms such as PMS, low mood, low energy, cramps, headaches, emotions
  • Support in Menopause to reduce stress and anxiety, calm symptoms and connect the mind body
  • Improve Immune function
  • Optimise  Energy and Mood
  • Reduce stress

Fertility Reflexology

  • Detailed Health Consultation for men and women
  • Tailored to couples looking to conceive naturally or with assistance 
  • Timed reflexology sessions around ovulation 
  • Information on charting the menstrual cycle
  • Timed reflexology sessions around hormone treatments to optimise fertility
  • Stimulate/ Balance Hormones
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Ease symptoms of Medical Fertility Treatments such as IVF

Pregnancy Reflexology

  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce stress & tension
  • Ease symptoms of Pregnancy
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques
  • Education around acupressure for labour
Reflexology with Claire
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