Therapeutic Massage

  • 30 min Massage €35
  • 50 min Shoulder Balance Massage   €50
  • 60 min Tailored Massage €60
  • 90 min “Goodbye Tension” full body massage €90


Claire offers a fully individualised massage experience to her clients, using a wide range of techniques, aromatherapy blended oils by OBUS and thermal modalities. Claire increases pressure gradually, working with the body, allowing the nervous system to relax and accept the pressure and release. Massage styles and techniques used include Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, myofascial release, active & passive application and/or stretching. 

Why visit Claire for Massage?

Many of Claire’s clients come to release stress or anxiety, to relax , to connect to the body, to have space away from the busy day-to-day and improve overall health and wellbeing. Often clients come for recovery from strenuous activity like sports, physically demanding occupations, or to ease a build-up of tension.

“From the moment you walk into Claire’s welcoming and cozy treatment room you get a sense of calm and safety. Beautiful smells fill the air with the various creams and massage oils she uses. Switching off is a problem for me but I know once I lie on that bed and the music goes on that Claire’s healing hands will put me at ease and mend my aches and pains. I have been receiving reflexology and massage treatments for months now. Claire listens to my woes and knows exactly where to focus her hands. She knows the body and has a real sense of how it is feeling. I have recommended Claire to friends and family and everyone has the same lovely experience. Thanks Claire!” Sara  

Benefits of Massage:

Working with the muscles, soft tissues and nervous system we can get great results for those who have a build-up of tension, pain due to muscle restriction or adhesions and gradual improved mobility for those who feel restricted or stiff.

  • Provides great blood and lymph flow to soft tissues
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Improves self esteem and mind body connection
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces tension
  • Eases stiff, aching joints
  • Improves muscle suppleness & flexibility
  • Improves posture, mobility and movement
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Signature Shoulder Balance Massage

A favourite among clients can be booked at its original 50min or 1hr session.  This treatment is ideal for anyone with back neck and/or shoulder tension or pain. Excellent for anyone who does heavy lifting and has arm or hand complaints.

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