The Shoulder Balance Massage

 A full-back, shoulders, neck & either an arm/hand massage or range of motion(ROM) stretches.

50 Minutes €50

This therapeutic treatment is designed with tradesmen and women, desk workers, healthcare professionals & fellow massage therapists in mind. I combine what I’ve learned in Spa work about relaxation techniques and my experience of deep tissue massage to create both a relaxing and effective treatment.

My belief is that if we approach the body in a mindful way, more progress can be made. The nervous system plays a vital role here. To approach tension in the body I believe it is more effective to start slow and effectively sink deeper into the muscle once the body is ready to release.

If a person trusts and feels comfortable with me, their body is less likely to tense up.

This treatment is ideal for anyone with back neck and/or shoulder tension or pain. Excellent for anyone who does heavy lifting and has arm or hand complaints.

Arnica Deep Tissue Balm
Claire Preparing for Treatment
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