Blended Treatments

Favoured by many of my clients!

Deep Care Ritual –  1 Hour 20 min €80 Deeply relaxing and powerful treatment for anyone who needs to switch off and feel renewed. Includes 40 min Tailored Facial & 40 mins Reflexology

Peace & Relief Duo- 1hr 30min €85  Reduce tension with 30 min Back Massage and melt stress away with my tailored 1hr De-stress Facial

Holistic Focus – 1hr 20min €90 Release tension & aches of daily life with a focused 40min back massage & float into complete relaxation with 40 mins of Balancing Reflexology 

Total Escape 2hr Experience – €118  Allow yourself the time to melt into a full body massage, a nourishing, nurturing facial & reflexology 

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