Claire's Blended Treatments

Deep Care Ritual 1hr 20min ( Facial & Reflexology blend) €80

Drift into a deeply relaxing & nourishing ritual, blending Claire’s strictly professional facial with tailored foot reflexology. The treatment begins with facial cleanse, massage & exfoliation. A mask is chosen and applied to the face and while that sets, receive a tension releasing foot massage. The facial finishes with removal of the mask using hot towels and moisturizer to nourish the skin. Reflexology is done with focus tailored to any issues and finishes with added breathing and relaxation techniques. You will be sure to sleep great after this treatment!

Holistic Focus 1hr 20min ( Back Massage & Reflexology Blend) €90

A very popular & effective treatment for issues with the back, neck tension or stress management. Claire combines the benefits of her therapeutic massage of the back with a deeply relaxing reflexology session focusing on the spine, neck, headaches and stress release. Whether you deal with low back issues, shoulder stiffness or injury, headache/migraine, neck pain or stress, this treatment can be helpful. 

Peace & Relief Duo 1hr 30min(Back Massage & Facial Blend) €85

Enjoy a tension relieving back massage using a combination of deep tissue and myofascial techniques followed by a soothing 1hr facial, with relaxing facial massage, cleansing of the skin and deeply nourishing or stimulating mask. You will feel refreshed and like a weight is lifted from your shoulders by the end!

Total Escape 2hr Experience  (Massage, Facial & Reflexology Blend) €120

Escape to a distant place of relaxation. First, melting away your tension and soothing your body aches with a full body massage. Then flowing into a facial massage and facial cleanse, Claire then mixes a mask tailored to your skin type and condition. Finally the skin is treated to moisturiser, eye cream & lip balm before landing at the feet for a grounding reflexology session to balance stress and boost the immune system.

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