Pregnancy Treatments

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is an excellent non-invasive, treatment to receive safely throughout pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy. Many physical, mental and emotional changes happen in pregnancy in a very short space of time which can bring about some or a lot of discomfort. 

Treatment Details:

First session of Maternity Reflexology includes a detailed consultation and 30 to 40min of reflexology €50. All other sessions are full 45min €50                      This treatment is safe for entire pregnancy including the phase before 12weeks and will be adjusted for each trimester and tailored to any symptoms the mom to be feels

This treatment can be a very benefical time for the mom to be, who may be embarking on a new role as a mother or may have a busy household already with young children. There could be some worry and anxiety or nervous excitement among many there feeling intensified by pregnancy hormones. It is my job as reflexologist to offer a supportive space to alleviate these anxieties, chat about and treat any common symptoms associated with pregnancy and optimise the health of mom and baby.

Reflexology in pregnancy is recognised and recommended by most Maternity Hospitals such as National Maternity Hospital, The Rotunda Hospital and The Coombe. The lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda even have reflexologists in the Ante Natal Classes to explain its benefits to patients!

Benefits include:

  • helps with morning sickness, fatigue, anxiety
  • can ease back pain by working on the spinal reflex
  • help balance and support the hormonal system which will support the body in pregnancy, labour and recovery in postpartum
  • Research by Gowrie, Motha & McGrath 1994 : on Effects of reflexology on labour outcomes found “that the effects of reflexology on labour outcomes were outstanding”

Face & Body Pregnancy Treatments

A Relaxing Moment €40

40min Face Scalp & Foot Massage

A Soothing Space €60

1hr Back Massage to reduce tension and create space in the shoulders.

Pregnancy Glow Facial €60

1hr Facial including facial massage to cleanse the skin, reduce tension in the face and finish with bump balm application(optional)

Slumberful Me-time €80

75min Full Body Massage side-lying to address any aches and pain and deeply relax the body and mind.

Side-lying Massage
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